B’nai Mitzvah Training

Bar Mitzvah Studies consist of TaRBuT, Mitzvot, Haftarah, Torah and Beit Midrash.  Students attend various programs to acquire these skills and Jewish literacy.

TaRBuT (Shabbat Mornings)

TaRBuT is an acronym for Tefillot (prayers), Ruah (spirit), B’rakhot (blessings) and Torah.  It is a program for children preparing for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah and  is in session on most Shabbatot of the school year from 9:30 a.m. – Noon. Students begin the program in 5th grade, learning t’fillah (prayer) skills, starting with Shaharit, Haftarah and Torah trope, and bayit (home) skills. They move at their own pace and can advance to other skills, such as Kabbalat Shabbat, Torah Service, and Musaf. Those who have graduated from the program are eligible for Rimonim where they can prepare to be teachers in the TaRBut program.

Torah+ (Sunday Mornings)

During the year before their bar or bat mitzvah, students meet for classes every Sunday from 9 – 11:00 a.m. Students learn their individual Torah portions. They also participate in a “Mitzvah Program,” performing gemilat hesed (acts of kindness) in the Jewish and general community, and in a T’fillah group which davens weekly with tallit and t’fillin in the daily minyan, as well as meet with the rabbis for special study sessions.

Family Life Education

The program includes 5th and 6th grade Parent Education, Special People and Grandparent’s Day, a TaRBuT Shabbat dinner and more.

Beit Midrash

The beit midrash for b’nai mitzvah and their parents is designed to create an atmosphere in which participants can experience traditional Jewish Torah study.
With the assistance of a rabbi, you will begin to deepen your understanding and appreciation of Torah study in general, and your sidrah in particular.

Education Requirements

In order to celebrate a bar/ bat mitzvah at Beth El your child must be attending either Talmud Torah or a Jewish Day School and continue to attend one of these programs through the end of the school year in which the bar/bat mitzvah takes place. Students who attend Talmud Torah should begin no later than 3rd grade.

Havdalah blessings