Acts of Kindness

The Gemilat Hesed (Acts of Loving Kindness) Committee is made up of four subcommittees who do social action projects in the synagogue and in the greater community. The four subcommittees are as follows:

Tikvah v’Refuah (Hope and Healing)

Ma’akhil R’evim (Feeding the Hungry)

Hakhnasat Orhim (Extending Hospitality)

K’vod He’ani (Honoring the Poor)

The mitzvot that are performed by these committees would not be possible without the wonderful and giving congregants who volunteer their time and energy. We have hundreds of dedicated volunteers at Beth El who are making a difference by performing Gemilat Hesed. Some of our activities are very family friendly and are a great way to involve multiple generations in Gemilat Hesed.