Strategic Plan

After nearly two years of planning and congregational research, a new strategic plan was approved by the board in the Fall of 2007 to guide Beth El over the next five years.

As a part of the plan, the following Mission and Vision Statements were adopted:

Beth El Mission Statement

Beth El is a dynamic spiritual community where our young and old embrace Torah (Learning,) Avodah (Spirituality,) and Gemilat Hesed (Acts of Kindness.)

Beth El Vision Statement

Beth El will always be a warm, welcoming and caring community where Judaism is relevant and meaningful.

To articulate these statements and draft the strategic plan an assessment of congregational needs and desires was performed to match up with synagogue programming, staff, governance and administration. Committee members listened to congregants’ needs and desires through surveys, focus groups, and individual discussions. In addition, much information was gathered from staff.

Four program portfolios have been developed that drive the strategic plan consistent with the Mission and Vision Statements:

Community – Kehila

Education – Torah

Spirituality – Avodah

Acts of Kindness – Gemilat Hesed

Two additional portfolios insure effective and efficient delivery across all four of the above program portfolios:



Every program currently delivered at Beth El is slotted in one of these portfolios. Over the last 12 months, steps have been taken to begin Implementation of the plan’s recommendations. Staff and lay people have been assigned to lead most of the portfolios and additional congregants will be recruited during the coming year to carry out the different portfolio charges.