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Inspiring Minds: An Evening with the Cousteau Family – May 7th

AUT Book

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on May 7th as Jean-Michel Cousteau (son of Jacques-Yves), and his children Céline and Fabien, help open up our minds to a world of sustainability, conservation, climate change and innovation.  It is often said that the world below the ocean’s surface is a world otherwise unrealized and unknown to those who walk on dry land.  In fact, it is a world that will force us to take pause and consider the future of our existence on earth–the blessings and the challenges.  Order Tickets and Learn more.

Minnesota National Guard

MN National Guard Logo

As part of our ongoing Military Support Initiative, Beth El has committed to supporting: 

  • The 34th Combat Aviation Brigade
  • The 2nd Battalion, 147th Assault Helicopter
  • The 204th Area Support Medical Company

Please check this list of specific, much-needed items for donation to our soldiers.

Contact Rachel Parnes or Pam Friedman for more information on National Guard initiatives, as well as for packing dates and ways to get involved.